Resource Consents

Sand extraction has been taking place in the Mangawhai-Pakiri embayment for more than 75-years, with the first consent been granted in the 1940s.

Sand has been extracted from the embayment using varying techniques – ranging from clamshell dredges to the modern trailing suction techniques that are used today.

The embayment’s premium quality sand has been used to produce the concrete needed to build homes, infrastructure and roads in Auckland and its surrounding regions.

Sand extraction in the embayment is currently enabled by two Coastal Permits that are owned by McCallum Bros Ltd®.

The first permit allows for the extraction of up to 76,000 cubic metres of sand per annum in depths of between 5 and 10 metres, and ranges from the Auckland/Northland regional boundary in the north and Poutawa Stream in the south.

The inshore permit expired in September 2020. However, extraction can continue under S124 of the Resource Management Act due to the renewal application being lodged more than six months prior to the permit’s expiry, and may continue until a decision is made regarding the renewal application.

The second Coastal Permit (the offshore permit) allows for the extraction of a total of 2 million cubic metres of sand over a 20-year consent term. It has a limit of 150,000 cubic metres of sand per annum from less than the 30m depth contour.

This is a deeper water Coastal Permit, with the inner limit being either 25m water depth or 2km offshore, whichever is further.

This offshore permit, which was owned by Kaipara Ltd, has been purchased by McCallum Bros Ltd® in October 2021. This permit expires in November 2023 and an application for a new permit, which was started by Kaipara Ltd, is being progressed by McCallum Bros Ltd®. The new permit would reduce the area of the application to a smaller, more refined, area that better reflects the extraction area utilised.

The sand extracted under both permits supplies approximately 45% of the construction sand requirements for the Auckland region.

Shifting to Deeper Water

McCallum Bros Ltd® has also applied for a new Coastal Permit, which would shift its extraction operations into deeper water than the current inshore permit. This is referred to as the mid shore application.

This application has been made following consultation with interested groups, who advised they would prefer sand extraction to occur further offshore than the current inshore consent permits.

If granted, this new permit would allow McCallum Bros Ltd® to extract an average of 125,000 cubic metres of sand over a five-year period. This extraction would occur between 15 and 25 metres water depth and between the Auckland/Northland regional boundary in the north and Poutawa Stream in the south.

Should consent be granted, McCallum Bros Ltd® would surrender its current inshore permit and discontinue its renewal application. The offshore Coastal Permit would not be impacted by this new consent.

This new mid shore permit would help ensure continued supply of sand to support Auckland’s construction market, where the demand for concrete is forecast to increase dramatically as the city continues to grow.

While the volume of sand extracted would increase under this new Coastal Permit, the volume increases would be done in stages in conjunction with appropriate monitoring to determine effects, if any.


The following maps show the location of McCallum Bros’ current inshore consent and the location of it proposed mid shore consent: