Lifting the Lid on Sustainable Sand Extraction in the Mangawhai-Pākiri Embayment

McCallum Bros Ltd® is proud to be a family-owned Kiwi business that has been sustainably extracting sand off the coast of Pākiri to help build New Zealand’s homes and infrastructure for more than 75 years.

At McCallum Bros Ltd®, we have a long and proud history operating in the Hauraki Gulf. Like most Aucklanders, we love the Gulf and take our obligation to minimise our impact seriously.

Since the 1940s, we have been extracting sand from the Mangawhai-Pākiri embayment. This sand has been used to produce the concrete that has built homes, developed infrastructure and constructed some of Auckland’s most iconic landmarks.

The Auckland Harbour Bridge, Sky Tower, Newmarket Viaduct, Waterview Tunnel, Auckland War Memorial Museum, and the Central Interceptor and City Rail Link are all built with Pākiri sand.

Why? Because Pākiri sand is unique. It has an ideal mineral content, particle shape and is the perfect size to produce the highest quality concrete.

To ensure we can continue to support the upper North Island’s growth, we are undertaking a resource consenting process to allow ongoing extraction of sand off the coast of Pākiri to help meet the needs of the construction sector.

We know many Kiwis naturally have questions about the sand extraction process. New Zealanders care about the environment and want to see it protected. So do we. Within this website we hope to demystify sand extraction and show that it isn’t like other marine mineral extraction techniques and can be undertaken in an environmentally responsible manner.

We are committed to providing as much information as possible throughout this consenting process. On this website you will find our application documents, background information and answers to many of the questions you might have.

We invite you to explore the site to better understand the nitty gritty of sand extraction off Pākiri.